When we are a small business owner, most of our BRAND communication ends up being done by ourselves.
To help you with this mission, we listed ten tools that we use in our everyday life that might be handy until your business is big enough for you to hire an agency to deal with it for you. HAVE FUN and ENJOY.

1) Amazing Free Pictures | http://www.unsplash.com
They can be used all over, social media posts, prints, website. Define the path of your message and start downloading.

2) FUN Emails Signatures | http://www.wisestamp.com
Emails are still the most common way of contact. Having all the important information the client would need to find you and a great look help a lot.

3) Collor Pallets | http://www.color-hex.com
Great color combination for season and holiday collections and communication, windows decorations or brand color palette.

4) Cool Icons | https://iconmonstr.com/
Huge icon libraries for websites and landing pages.

5) Grammar and orthography check | https://app.grammarly.com
Avoid typos and errors on your messages with this easy and online service.

6) Gifs and Video Creator (For IOS and Android) | http://www.imhplay.com
Use it for fun videos/gif posts, short explanation videos, photos animation…

7) Converting and Shrining Docs | https://smallpdf.com/compress-pdf
This is very helpful to send files and docs to clients, such as contracts, instructions or even promotions. Here you are able to convert any kind of file into a PDF or shrink its size.

8) Social Media Planner and Post Programming | http://www.later.com
Organize and schedule your whole month/week of social media posts over here.

9) HTML Generator  | http://www.w3schools.com
Here you can find simple HTML codes for forms, email marketing, blog posts.

10) Email MKT and Landing pages | http://www.mailchimp.com
Best email marketing platform ever. Now they also offer landing pages and social media campaign. Free service up to 2000 subscribers.